Reins Pulled On Cubs – Sox

Last night, the Cubs, and Whitesox went only three innings before the tarp was out, and the reins were pulled on the second of four in the Crosstown Cup series.

The Cubs had the lead, 2-0 but, drops were dripping, and the game was postponed due to rain. No make-up has been scheduled, and it will come down to the best of three, at least for the moment.

Edwin Jackson who, makes me nervous, as in Carlos Marmol was not looking too bad though, not as good as when, he faced the Nationals. Last night he, seemed to put a lot of fire in to his pitching but, missed some spots along the way.

Personally, I think a pitcher who, throws hard, needs to take something off those pitches at times, to find location. Besides, it gives the batter one more challenge to the mix.

The North-siders will host the next two games as the picture shifts to the Cubs Crossings, and Wrigley Field. Feldmania gets a chance at revival as Scott Feldman will get the start. John Danks will be pitching for the Whitesox.

Action from Wrigley begins at 120pm – Central Time.

What do you think?

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