Sox Shock

The Chicago Whitesox were given a real shock yesterday, at Wrigley Field.

In the suppose to be game three but, only game two (due to rain) of the Crosstown Cup, The Whitesox were shocked in to submission by, their Chicago nemesis, The Chicago Cubs.

The Cubs scored 9 times on 11 hits. Run production gets an excellent score. 3 of those hits were good for 6 of the runs as the team headed for a new era of Navarroism. Dioner Navarro was the responsible party. He shocked the Sox with 3 HRs in the contest.

Scott Feldman had a good day, and lifted for a high pitch count with six innings to his credit, yielding 2 earned runs on 6 hits, and 7 SOs.

Feldmania would have to yield to Navarroism, at least for this game.

Once again, there was a mishap in the game but, it didn’t belong to the Cubs.

More details on yesterday’s Crosstown Cup contest on the Cubs Official website.


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  1. They sure played well yesterday. If there was an award for most underrated team of the year, it would go to the Cubs! A great game!!!!


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