Yesterday Never Happened

I cannot believe what happened at Wrigley Field, last night. It doesn’t exist, and other wise didn’t happen.

Never mind the 5 game winning streak being plummeted in to the trash. It was pretend. Somebody playing a cruel joke on me. It was personal.

While I’m not willing to admit there was any kind of baseball game at Wrigley Field, yesterday, my mind plays tricks on me. It’s traveling. Traveling a long way back, to the wall, and my pre-teen years.

I open my eyes, and there he is…….in a pitching duel at a very new, Dodger Stadium. My idol, #32, Sandy Koufax who, is facing his nemesis from St. Louis, Bob Gibson. Koufax is a great artist on the mound, and rarely lets me down but, Gibson is also a skilled pitching artist.

The game’s tied 1-1 in the 9th, and Stan Musial is up. Before we go further, got to have a Dodger Dog for a couple of dollars. At that age, my head is everywhere.

Is Walt Alston still asleep in the dugout? Seems like he’s always on a break. Doesn’t matter. It won’t make any difference.

Koufax winds, and delivers a Koufax strike to Musial. What an artist! Careful, Musial can hit Koufax but, that day, it was Koufax on top of his game getting Musial for out no. 3, and it was on to the bottom of the 9th.

Funny, as I write this, I remember the entire Dodgers batting order. Wills, Gilliam, Moon, Larker, Howard, Snider, Roseboro, Neal & Koufax.

So glad, Koufax batted in the 8th. Funny, he’s as bad of a hitter as he is, good at pitching. He swings at anything, and in a tie game I’d be worried that Koufax would be done for the day in case of extras but, that was not the case, even though, I believe Ron Perranoski was throwing in the pen.

Maury Wills leads off the Dodgers 9th with a single. Steals 2nd. Wills was really fast! Gibson gets Gilliam on an infield bounce back to the box. Wally Moon sends a sac. fly to get Wills to 3rd but, there’s 2 outs. The First Baseman, Norm Larker comes up, and gets an infield hit but, Wills has to wait at 3rd.

The Right Fielder, Frank Howard had 2 traits I remember well. No, 3. Wide batting stance, struck out or, hit the long ball.

Gibson has the count at 0 & 2 on Howard. I cannot watch this. Yes I can, as Gibson sends his mean fastball to Howard who whacks the ball to the outskirts of Chavez Ravine where Dodger stadium is located. ….I was elated but, something was happening.

Not now!  I was getting a wake-up call. My wife is shaking me.  Waking up, I felt kind of weird as I was transferring back to today, and reality. Waking up from this game, realizing I had one heck of a run down memory lane. It was time to shift back to reality, and my current status, as a Cubs fan.

I couldn’t quite shift because, last night is a blur. Maybe nothing happened.


What do you think?

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