Another Dirty Pitch

Sunday’s game was dis-heartening to say the least. Disappointment with sloppy play in the field, and moderate return on the bats for the Cubs. 8-4 D-backs.

The 5 game winning streak looked good but, it’s just part of the past as the Cubs look to break a 2 game losing streak going to Los Angeles to begin a short 2 game match against the Angels on Tuesday.

Sunday’s game was a display of missed plays, no-confidence at bats, and more than anything else, pitching.

How perfectly matched was the starter, Edwin Jackson to the reliever coming after him, Carlos Marmol? Neither one can usually find location, and lack any command on the mound except by, accident.

All of the sudden you’re thinking, on either of these pitchers, they finally found a groove. Almost as soon as the thought occurs, they return to the usual. They do have their moments but, that’s the problem, they are only moments.

Lots of pitches missing in the dirt, wild pitches, hit batters, walks, and more balls than, strikes. As a fan, you gain a different perspective without consulting stats. It’s an impression. I can tell because, when either of these two are pitching, my nerves are shot.

If I consulted stats, I would look at my favorite pitching stat, first. ERA. You’ll probably find Jackson, and Marmol in the 5 or, 6 range.

Watching pitchers like, Sandy Koufax, Bob Gibson, and Juan Marichal as I was growing up, an ERA over 3.00 is already laced with questions for me.

The 4 year contract at $52mil for Jackson is one of the FA moves Theo Epstein has made, and maybe the move wasn’t a prudent move. Jackson has been on several teams in his career without receiving much resistance from his home clubs upon declaring his desire to move elsewhere.

I’d like to see Manager, Dale Sveum make good on his offer to players not up to the level of play they should be, with trips to Iowa to ‘figure it out.’

For Epstein, that would be a very expensive route to take with Jackson.


What do you think?

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