It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over

Yogi Berra could not have made it any more clear than, that. He is famous for his one-liners, and ‘It ain’t over til it’s over’ is probably his most popular echoed throughout all of society.

The Cubs thought it might be over in the 7th of last night’s game with, the Angels, as the Cubs were leading 3-2.

However, Albert Pujols no longer a major competitor with St. Louis, against the Cubs, is, a competitive member of the L.A. Angels, and sent a hanging Carlos Villanueva pitch out of the ballpark, proving once again, Berra’s in depth life quote to be much more than, theoretical. 

It still wasn’t over but, certainly closer to, over as the 8th inning knock took the Cubs from a 3-2 lead to a 4-3 deficit.

The Cubs were shut down in the 9th, and now it was over. The complete detailed wrap of last night’s game from the Official Cubs Web Page.


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