Hits, Extras, & A Reversal

Wednesday afternoon’s game at Anaheim, and the 2nd of 2 with the Los Angeles Angels was a fun game to watch as the Cubs get an 8-6 victory in 10.

In the 2nd, the Cubs saved at least one more run from crossing home plate. Angels LF J.B. Shuck smacked a HR to right.

Admittedly very tough to discern from some angles but, Matt Garza had no problem tracking the ball, registering a protest seeing the ball was foul.

After replay in slo-mo on tv, it was apparent Garza made the right call. Upon a video review by, the umpires, Garza got the call, his way, and the HR was reversed.  Shuck would have to wait for another time for his first major league home run.

The Cubs got an initial start on their 15 hit day by, scoring 1 in the 3rd, and then, 3 in the 5th. They couldn’t hang on to the lead in the 8th as the Angels put one up to tie the game.

It finally came down to the 10th inning when, the Cubs scored 3 times on a bases loaded Cub (Cubs Double) Dub by, Anthony Rizzo sending in all 3 runners for the lead but, the Angels were not through for the night. They also scored in the 10th but, the Angels came up with only a single run, and short by, 2 to take the contest any further.

Details on this Cubs 15 hit extravaganza from the Cubs Official Web Site.


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  1. It was close, but Rizzo was great!!


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