Power To The People At Wrigleyville

Kris Bryant was selected no. 2 overall in the draft, yesterday by, The Chicago Cubs.

I like him, already. He’s from Las Vegas where I spent quite a few years. Note to Kris: Been awhile since I’ve lived there. It was a long time ago when, Jones & The Expressway was the outskirts of town. The Las Vegas Stars had just made their entry way on to the Las Vegas turf as a minor league baseball franchise.

Kris Bryant has spent his college baseball days playing 3b at San Diego State. Bryant has a lot of confidence, and ready to start at Wrigley on a moment’s notice. The man’s got numbers to back up that confidence.

Here are Bryant’s stats for 2013: 174 ABs, and a .333 BA. With 58 hits, 38 of them translate in to extra base hits. Bryant has 25 HRs, and is a perfect fit for the ‘Cubs Dubs’ squad with 11 doubles.

Welcome, Kris Bryant to the magical world of Wrigleyville!


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