Cubs Push Pirates Over The Plank

Cubs starting pitcher, Edwin Jackson had some good numbers, and finally gets another long awaited win as a Cub.

Jackson allowed just 1 earned run on 4 hits in 7, walking only 1, and striking out 8.

Jeff Locke, the Pirates starter, had to leave after 5+ innings, and gave up 1 earned run, 1 hit, struck out 6 but, allowed plenty of traffic on the base paths with 7 walks.

It was the 7th inning, and Cody Ransom was up with 2 on in a 1-1 tie. Pittsburgh’s reliever, and losing pitcher, Justin Wilson served up a gourmet offering, and Ransom accepted the invitation, knocking it in to the left field stands for the game winner.

Carlos Marmol did a good job in the 8th as the set-up, and Kevin Gregg escorted the Pirates to the plank in the 9th.

More details on the Cubs Sunday victory from the Official Cubs Website.


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