Epstein-Hoyer Review

As a Cubs fan, I’m not thrilled. Not overly disappointed but, the Front Office leads have not lived up to their so-called reputation.

Give them credit for Anthony Rizzo, and at the same time give them credit for Edwin Jackson who, could turn it all around. They get credit for an improving bullpen but, a bullpen that should have already been improved.

My key gripe with Epstein & Hoyer is the lack of FA stat signings. I’m not saying the Cubs could be rebuilt in a day but, at the same time not, as long term as Epstein says is necessary to acquire a quality squad.

2013 should have been minimally, a year of playing the role of surprising spoilers. Anything in that neighborhood but, the Cubs are not in the neighborhood though, winning a few.

Too many times, this past off- season Epstein seemed to pick up anything from another team’s average at best players or, older players past their prime. Anything, rather than a focused effort on players at the top of their game. The Cubs needed a super-star as a spark.

As the Cubs took the field for the 2013 campaign Epstein, assured the fans the front office staff is set. Oh, good, that enhanced every desire I have to visit Wrigley Field to see my first Cubs game. That solidifies it! Who needs stats on the field when, you’ve got the behind the scenes staff ready to go?

Theo had more to say to the fans, and to paraphrase; ‘Don’t expect anything, this year.’ Oh, good, another pick me up for the fans. Let’s go out to Wrigley Field, and gawk at the new FO Personnel.

There’s only one reason for a comment like that. Somebody didn’t do their job properly shopping for the end product.

With all of that said, a bases clearing, self-serving ‘Committed’ campaign began.

One comment from a fan on the Cubs page alluded to the ‘Committed’ program as a Front Office ploy to assure fans they were as committed to a contender as the Cubs fans are.

Why would you need a program like that? You wouldn’t, according to the comment if, you were doing everything necessary to put a winning product on the field.

The author of the comment somewhat echoes my sentiment. If you do things right, no words are necessary as the product speaks for itself in the W-L column, and no self-serving campaigns would be necessary to assure everyone of your commitment.

The author of the comment finished with, ‘We’ll (the fans) let you know when, you have become committed.’

Assessment: The Epstein – Hoyer Front Office is slow on getting assignments in when they are due. Passive. C-.



  1. once Soriano is dealt, things should get a whole lot better.


    • I’d like to think yes but, unfortunately this FO hasn’t a clue to worth, and would probably accept a Class A player to be named later with an accompanying 5 or 6.00 ERA pitcher. Epstein seems attracted to the average rather than, the good to excellent. Don’t think he was really thinking the starting rotation would come up with some good ERAs. Surprise!


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