Reds Clouded Game Plan Cleared Up In A Fog

A Reds outfielders clouded game plan in the 2nd mysteriously cleared up, once Brandon Phillips came up for his swings against a not as-sharp as usual, Cubs starting pitcher Scott Feldman in the 3rd. Seems like this would be the 3rd game in 4, I’m using that phrase about Cubs starting pitchers. Only Edwin Jackson has had a good start in his last outing.

As a fog off Lake Michigan enveloped Wrigley Field, the order to ‘play ball’ was given.

I knew Feldman was without his best stuff as Cincinnati unleashed for a run in the 1st.

MLB-tv showed the difficulty in tracking flies due to the fog. Two innings played, and the contingency of Reds outfielders elected to discuss that very thing with the umpires but, they were turned away, and play continued.

Whatever. It was a mere 1-0 lead for the Reds, and it was Feldman on the mound. Certainly he’d settle down. The Reds had been looking to delay the game until some of the fog cleared out, and now they’d have to take their turn with the bats in the 3rd.

Moving ahead a little bit, it wasn’t going to be the settle down 3rd inning I was hoping for, for Feldman as the bases were full for Brandon Phillips.

Despite the fog that was still a difficulty, the Reds seemed to clear everything up as Brandon Phillips prepped, and walked up to the plate for his AB in the 3rd.

Phillips smacked a grand-slam HR. All of the sudden, with the fog still lingering, the Reds could mysteriously see their game, clearly, unfolding in front of them in a fog. They would question the umpires no more.

The game finished out with a 6-2 Reds victory. More details on this game on the Cubs Official Website.


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