Re-Read In The Past Tense

Just another day in Wrigleyville for Cincinnati. The Reds seem to like this ball park. Why? What is it about, Wrigley Field the Reds like so much? I’ve read, and re-read some stats, and I don’t get it!

Can’t the Reds not like Wrigley Field, at least a little bit? No. Not hardly. Not with 12 straight victories in this ballpark. They don’t even care who is, playing against them. Why don’t they just move in, and call it home? Just kidding, That would be sac-religious. Nobody displaces the Cubs at Wrigley Field!

Come on! Travis Wood didn’t give up a hit until the 5th, and allowed just 2 ERs in 7, and still the Reds get the 2-1 win.

Because, they were suppose to get the win. 11 in a row isn’t the headline where, 12 or, 13 might be so, the Cubs limited their one run to the 2nd inning just to make it interesting.

Well, today’s a new day at Wrigley. Enough. Time for the Reds to realize they, in no way own, Wrigley Field. Today is the start of a long string of losses for the Reds at Wrigley Field. The losing streak begins today, and it will be at least two dozen in length. The Reds, from this day forward to quiver at the sight of Wrigley Field………………please?

Here’s the story on Wednesday’s game from the Cubs Official Home on the internet.



  1. Yeah, they have to put that behind them. The Shark is on the mound, so hopefully they can take one today.


    • Don’t understand the Cubs starters coming apart from their typical low, ERAs. They’re beginning to miss that groove or, whatever it is. Who has a good outing last time out in that group? Edwin Jackson.
      Nothing is beginning to make any sense, here.


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