Final Curtain Falls On Red Redoric At Wrigley

If you look at my prior post, you’ll note my reference to the Reds rhetoric of their winning streak of 12 games at Wrigley, coming to an end with today’s, now meaning, yesterday’s game.

It did. The red fire at Wrigley is no more as the Cubs put every burning cinder of Reds rhetoric to bed. It took a little time but, no matter, as the Cubs beat the Reds 6-5 in 14.

Julio Borbon came off the bench with a ph single, scoring the runner from 3rd in the 14th, and put the game in the win column for the Cubs.

Other bright spots in hitting for the Cubs, included Nate Schierholtz coming up with 2-3s during the game. Two triples.  Castro, and Castillo got 3 hits each, and Barney had 2.

The starting rotation for the Cubs continues to unravel with all 5 Reds runs being charged to Samardzija who, went 6. The bullpen, however kept the Reds distanced, combining for 13 of the Reds 19 strike-outs.

This was the kind of game you’d expect few hits, and few runs with the starters on both sides but, instead became a combined 28 hit day of which 18 of them were given up by, Cubs starter, Jeff Samardzija, and Mat Latos of the Reds..

More details of this game from the Cubs Official Home on the internet.


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