Messy Mets Clean Up

Matt Garza turned in a good start on Sunday against the Mets. James Russell followed, and through 8, a 3-0 win, and sweep looked good for the Cubs.

Carlos Marmol was called in for the 9th with 4 good relief assignments behind him. It looked good for the 3 game winning streak to become 4 as Marmol only had to get the Mets in the 9th. That’s not the way it happened.

Was Marmol reverting to the relief pitcher that made me nervous every time he would close up for the Cubs?

After yielding an HR perhaps, Marmol would settle down. The 3-0 was now 3-1, and he was hopefully done making it interesting.

No, he wasn’t done making it, ‘interesting.’   The Mets generated some hits putting 2 runners on the bags. Time to settle down, and stop the interest factor from taking this any further. It’s not interesting to me, it rattles my nerves.

Marmol lost any poise he might have had after, the lead HR, and sure enough, the Mets had a good read on that, striking for a bases clearing, game winning HR for New York.

This sends the Cubs to the Cardinals on a loss, instead of, a 4 game winning streak. The 9th inning drama brings the mood down just a little more than, if the game had been closer, sooner or, tipped solid, one way or, another.

The biggest problem the Cubs have is, inconsistency, and that all begins upstairs or, whatever logistics house the Front Office.

More of Sunday’s game details on the Cubs Home Page.

What do you think?

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