Shoulder Shock

The Cubs pulled out a 6-3 win in the first of three in New York against the Mets on Friday.

With the win being the most important part of the story, just as important, long term is the hustle, of David DeJesus chasing a fly to or, should I say in to the wall at Citi Field in New York.

He had a line on the ball but, ran out of room, jumped up, and in to the wall, coming down, wreathing in pain. Taken out of the game, DeJesus has been put on the DL, and hopefully, he’ll be back to work in 15 days.

Edwin Jackson’s numbers were better than adequate but, my observation, before he can turn it around, he’s got to find his spot more often. He’s not getting consistent location on his pitches.

More on Friday’s game, and the latest on DeJesus’ status on the Cubs website.

On Saturday, the Cubs had Scott Feldman as the starting pitcher, and in their latest Mets meet scored another victory with more details on the Cubs Home Page.



  1. I hate to see DeJesus go down. Hopefully, he will come off the DL and be back to 100%. Feldman keeps winning! I love his approach and effort. I think there is a strong chance he gets traded in July.



    • DeJesus is an every day player not to be ignored. He hits, and fields well. Hopefully he’s back, soon, 100%. The injury has been classified as a strained shoulder but, only preliminary tests were done. I saw the hustle he put out as he ran out of room, looking to make the play. He always gives 100% with a great attitude.


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