Cards Deal Deuces

Two twos were enough for the victory but, the Cards dealt another single from the deck for a total of 5 runs last night. 3 of 4 were earned, and charged to Travis Wood. Henry Rodriguez would be on watch from the mound as the Cards got another unearned run.

I don’t understand the unavailability of Kevin Gregg. Once again, this goes back to when I was a kid, and if I remember properly, Ron Perranoski (originally signed by, the Cubs) of the Dodgers was able to close up shop almost nightly, if necessary.

I get the feeling today’s pitchers are pampered, and an inning pitched by, a reliever is a week’s work, done. Obviously, an exaggeration but, it makes the point. Pitchers in today’s game need to get over themselves. Most don’t compare for endurance with ‘real’ MLB pitchers going back up to, 50 years ago.

That’s a whole other rant but, getting back to last night’s game, the Cubs got a good performance from Travis Wood. It just wasn’t enough as the Cubs wrestled through a 2-5-2 box.

This game looked like a scripted comedy at times. 

There was a ‘who’s on first’ episode occurring at the plate, and at 2b during the same play as the Cubs managed some throwing snafus with Travis Wood at home waiting for anybody’s accurate throw to prevent a run from scoring.

Wood positioned himself like a pro.  He was right there to tag the runner coming home, and got a diplomatic ‘safe-out’ call by, the umpire while another umpire had allegedly called, ‘time-out.’

That would be all Dale Sveum needed to jump out of the dugout, and get ejected for protesting the circus on the field.

The Cubs Home Page chimes in with more details on Monday’s game.


  1. Yeah, I don’t get it either. Gregg is great and he should have been available, but who knows? It was a tough game and the Cards are really good, but the Cubs hung in there. I think they’ll take tonight’s game but then again, I could be wrong.


    • A lot of $$$$ on some very pampered pitchers!


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