Cards Try To Spike & Slide The Deck In The 9th

What happened, last night? I turned on MLB-tv, watched the intro to Cubs baseball, and the fatigue caught up with me. Before I knew it, I was in bed, sound asleep before the first pitch.

Did I miss something?

Oh, yeah. Luckily, With MLB-tv, I was able to get the game in the archives, this morning.

The 1st inning saw the Cubs achieve 2 Cubs Dubs, 2 HRs, and came out of the 1st inning with everything they would be allowed to get from the Cardinals ace starter, Adam Wainwright.  4 big runs to start the contest, and it was enough to score the victory.

The Cubs bats essentially went silent for the remainder of the game but, the Cards would not be getting their way with Jeff Samardzija who, allowed 2 runs on 7 hits, striking out 6 through 7 plus innings of work.

In the 9th with Gregg on the mound, 2 runners on with an out, the best team in baseball is in want, and you don’t mess with that.

Freese hits the ball on the ground, and it looked like a simple, game ending dp but, as we all know, nothing is as simple as that with the Cubs. They got one at first with pinch runner, Shane Robinson making a Ty Cobb presentation of spikes up, and sliding toward center, instead of in the base path to 2nd, moving Castro out of the way, hoping to break up the dp.

It might have worked except, for one small thing. An umpire to make the correct interference call, giving David Freese a 3 dp night, the 3rd out, and the Cubs the win.

As always, there’s more on the game from the Cubs Official Website. You might especially appreciate reviewing the video, ‘Gregg Finishes Up’ which shows the final out, and the interference call.


  1. That was an odd play.


    • I understand running aggressively but, in to CF?


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