Busch League

There was a time when no one wanted to identify with the ‘bush league’ style of baseball after all, it meant you were an amateur in need of development…lots of it!

I will tell you, the best team in baseball right now, is housed in the Busch. It is not a friendly place for opposing teams facing the St. Louis Cardinals. Not the Cubs, not anyone, though it’s possible to pull out a win, now, and again as the Cubs did on, Tuesday.

At this point, The St. Louis Cardinals could form their own league, and give new meaning to, the ‘Busch League.’

Wednesday was a different story as the Cubs bench was rather quiet with Edwin Jackson as the starter for the Cubs. So far, I haven’t been a Jackson fan, and still walking a fine line on that subject.

I was able to watch highlights from the game, and not the whole contest as the Cubs posted a 4-1 loss.  More details on Wednesday’s game from the Cubs Official Website.

What I did pick up on by, at least watching the highlights was a little bit of improvement by, Jackson. My biggest complaint with Jackson is his status as a power pitcher who, does not use varying speeds in much of his repertoire. From what I see, he tries to over power too often, over throwing, and missing a lot of spots. Less so than the beginning of the season but, still too much.

Pitchers like Jackson should consider slower, varying speed pitches as part of the mix, and not try to blow it by on almost every pitch. Mesmerize the hitters, and play with their timing.

Stories I’ve heard about Sandy Koufax include, Catcher Norm Sherry advising a very young, and sometimes wild Koufax to ‘take a little off the pitch,’ turning Koufax inside, out, and in to a commanding control freak.

Another Koufax story is a supposed essence of a quote by, the Dodger star left-hand pitcher, ‘I became a good pitcher when I stopped trying to make them miss the ball, and started trying to make them hit it.’

He didn’t say anything about ‘allowing’ the batter to hit, and it was everything about ‘making’ the batter hit, on Koufax’s terms.  Might be worth considering in Jackson’s case. For that matter, the same could be applied to Carlos Marmol.

Addendum:  No more Busch League baseball, and get me home to the ‘Friendly Confines.’ 

Scott Feldman couldn’t hold the Cards back in the last of 4 games with St. Louis.  On Thursday, the Cubs dropped another one in to the loss column in a 6-1 final.  Details & Stats on the game from the Cubs Official Home on the Web.

Cubs going home to Wrigley to be more realistic at Wrigley Field as they begin 3 afternoon contests with the Astros over the weekend.


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