Houston Victimized By Barney Bumps

It rained in Chicago, on Friday with an afternoon contest scheduled at Wrigley Field between the AL’s Houston Astros, and the Cubs. The game was delayed by, rain but, Matt Garza, and Darwin Barney would not have their parades rained on, so to speak.

Simply put, both had a good day.

Garza gave up 4 H and 1 ER, striking out 8 over 8.

Once the game was finally completed following the more than, 3 hr. rain delay, Barney had 3 hits, including an HR. Anthony Rizzo sent a long awaited long ball, out, and Scott Hairston also homered. 

The Cubs box shows a lack of run production but, the game is put in to the win column with more game details from the Official Cubs Website.

Saturday’s contest looked pretty good for Cubs starter, Travis Wood going in to the 6th, and then, just like that with one pitch, and one HR the Astros tied it up, 3-3. Travis Wood’s game came apart, and by the time it was all over, Houston got the 4-3 win in regulation play.

Saturday game details.

What do you think?

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