The Astros were at Wrigley yesterday, and decided to relinquish their batting practice time on the field to the Cubs. The Astros, like the Cubs are, in no position to yield any kind of practice time to anyone.

Dale Sveum watched, as the Cubs could not pocket a win the day before from the same team. Took some notes, and passed them on to the rest of the team with new instructions to the team to at least, stay close, if not, win the game.

The Astros got a big 6 when the game was all over.  Astronomics at work!

The Astros, facing Cubs starter Jeff Samardzija accumulated 9 hits, and 4 runs, 3 earned in 7. And no hitting practice for the Astros! That’s the new Houston Astro math, astronomics! The Cubs bullpen yielded 2 more runs with 1 earned.

Many times over, 6 runs collected gets you a victory. Let’s look at it realistically, as this number would be too much of an astronomical number of runs to overcome for the Cubs. Shame on me!

The Cubs gathered 14 runs on 16 hits which gave them superb run production. They were putting them on, and cashing in the dividends.

Rizzo, and Sweeney homered, with Sweeney responsible for sending 6 runs across.

Rizzo is heating up with the bat, and so is Barney who, had 2 hits, yesterday. 

Who needs astronomics?

Catch more details, stats, and videos from yesterday’s game, available on the Cubs Home on the net.


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