The Case To Trade Or, Not

Alfonso Soriano is at minimum, an average outfielder with a lot of hustle who, has reached the status of a senior citizen as far as playing days in baseball are concerned. He’s batting just under .250 but, he’s a powerful clutch hitter.

So, what kind of value does he hold on the trading market? Lots. An AL team hungry for a DH or, in any league, a PH capable of the long ball to win a game.

Soriano has all the tools. He hits the ball, and does so with authority. As an outfielder he is, at least average with lots of hustle. He’s got some trading value.

But wait! There’s more! Should he be traded?

Theo Epstein has a dedicated focus on rebuilding this team’s minor league affiliates. He’s proven that with little to no consideration for the current condition of the parent club.

Does Soriano’s experience benefit the Cubs more than he can bring in trading action? Do the Cubs already have in Soriano, that PH every club needs on the bench. 

How good would he be as a coach-player, and then, finally opening up a roster spot in 2015 as strictly a coach for new Cubs hitters on the way up? Can he become a teacher? Maybe, he’s done playing at the end of 2013 by, choice?

Perhaps, because of age alone, Soriano will bring little in a trade because, as Theo has proven in previous trades, Theo disappoints, never getting much back except, mediocre stats at best.

Scott Feldman would do well on the market but, what comes back? Another starter? Cubs are doing okay, there but, due to Theo’s engineering, their personal stats suffer. How much do they want to move over to a contender, out from under, getting personal stat payback for their effort?

With Theo’s focus, Feldman brings nothing back for the parent club.

Random thoughts, about Cubs, crossing my mind, this morning.

What do you think?

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