54 for 4

Edwin Jackson has done it, again! He’s proven Theo Epstein’s disregard for the parent club. Let them eat a 54 million dollar cake for 4 years. That’s the worth of the contract signed between Jackson, and the Cubs.

Jackson, once again disappoints, giving up 6 ERs on 6 H in less than 5, leaving the bullpen with a mess. Rondon yielding 2 ER and Camp with 1. It all totals up to a 9-3 loss to Milwaukee with more game details on the Cubs Official Website.

The best thing Theo Epstein can do is, buy him out as a very costly mistake or, take my advice. Send him to Iowa, and make some definite changes that, Sandy Koufax has recommended. It took the Cubs management a long time to do something with Carlos Marmol, and they’ve finally done it.

Sandy Koufax’s advice for Jackson is out there, and I’ve mentioned it on this page. Might have worked for Marmol as well.

Designate Jackson for assignment, and clear up another valuable roster spot. Call someone up to fill the spot but, go shopping for a super star stat player that sparks this club from the core!  It’s a beginning!

All of the average at best Free Agents signed in the past off season have done an average at best job except, Nate Schierholtz who, has been a great surprise.

The original official stated purpose for Schierholtz was 9th inning defensive purposes, and giving Soriano a day off once in awhile. No calculated moves on anybody’s part, other than that. Surprise!

I will reiterate for Epstein who, probably doesn’t know this web spot exists but, it’s a perfect place for me to vent. Focusing on rebuilding the Cubs minor league system is only half the job.

So, is Theo’s reputation a fictional account? I don’t know for sure. What I do know is, it takes an extremely talented person to re-build minor league operations while simultaneously building the parent club. Beginning with the word, simultaneously, Epstein, has little to show.


What do you think?

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