The Lights Were On

The lights remained on in the 9th as the Cubs would, once again, make it interesting. Juan Francisco belted one out to make it home to bring the Brewers within 1.

As fast as the momentum was raised for Milwaukee, Kevin Gregg put a lid on it. The lights were still on but, nobody else would be going home.

The Cubs got away with a victory in Wednesday night’s game 5-4. More game details on the Official Cubs Website.

Scott Feldman had starting pitching duties amidst trading rumors floating in the air. Feldman allowed 3 earned runs on 6 hits through 6. Feldman is hoping to stay with the Cubs but, understands it’s obviously out of his hands, and put in a decent night’s work.

Unless Theo Epstein is looking to bolster Chicago’s Cubs roster, he should leave Feldman right where he is.

Cubs fans really don’t want any more promises. Some of us are older, and don’t have time to wait for the minor league development program to produce a major league winner.

…And yes, admittedly, some of us might be a little bit impatient.



  1. If we kept Feldman, which I think is not likely, I would be happy. Travis Wood, Samardzija and Feldman have all pitched well. We need a consistent bullpen. Kevin Gregg will probably get traded too.


  2. I think what they should do with the Soriano money coming up is maybe go after a moderately priced free agent. Nothing to break the bank but their farm system is in good shape so it might be time to pick up a good bat!


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