Miller Ceiling Sealing Wasn’t Sealing Ceiling

Drip-drop, and all it takes is a button pushed. Some gears turning, and there’s never a wash-out at Miller Park . The ceiling comes together putting a roof over the playing field.

Yesterday was one of those days. Some rain in Milwaukee during the afternoon contest between the Brewers, and the Cubs.

Play continued as the rain continued with a roof over their heads on the playing field but, some fans, and the Cubs tv announcing team were the beneficiaries of a leak in the action. Nothing major, I guess because, Len Casper mentioned it only once.

The Cubs would own the game early, scoring first in the 2nd, continuing their RBIs in the 3rd, and 4th, beating the Brewers 7-2. The Cubs, and Brewers each struck for 9 hits but, it was the Cubs who got the dividends, and good run production.

Matt Garza started, and did very well until the 6th when it was noticeable some pitches were starting to move up on batters. Garza had a very good start, zapping 10, giving up just 1 ER on 8 hits through 7, and contributed 2 of the Cubs hits good for an RBI, as well.

A more complete accounting of this game is on the Cubs Home Page.



  1. An excellent game.


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