Think Quick!

The Cubs were riding a wave of 3 surplus runs to victory, in to the late innings but, didn’t think quick until the Mariners pulled a ‘think quick’ on the Cubs, threw an anchor, and the Cubs caught it just in time to sink in the 10th.

Some Cubs fans thought it was in the bag. There was a decent lead, and they could hold on with an improved bullpen. You’ll note, I didn’t say vastly improved. I just said, improved. They need a fix.

Travis Wood had to make a lot of pitches but, looked good in 6 plus innings of work. Wood allowed just 3 hits, and 2 ERs. He fanned 6 while walking 3.

Russell, Villanueva, Parker, and Camp combined out of the pen to undo it all, yielding 6 hits, while Russell, and Parker gave up 3 ERs.

Final in 10, 5-4 Seattle. More details from the Cubs Official Website.


What do you think?

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