If You Can’t Join Them…Join Them

Bottom of the 9th, 2 out, 1 run on top. Kevin Gregg on the mound finishing up. Should be a wrap. Prep for victory!

Turn Back The Clock Day was an interesting look at what baseball looked like in the early 1900s complete with player uniforms to match the time period. Now it’s time to end it with a typical Gregg performance.

After all, there’s the Cubs bullpen, and there’s Kevin Gregg. He doesn’t fit in. He saves games. It must be a hassle for anyone who doesn’t fit in. It was time to fit in. So, Kevin Gregg now fits in. He blew it. The pitch in question was up. There was no typical Gregg money pitch. Game tied 3-3 in regulation play.

Second extras for the Cubs in as many days against the Mariners. We’re back to Theo Epstein’s ‘depth ridden’ bullpen. That’s how he characterized the Cubs bullpen as, we were getting ready for the 2013 season.

You don’t fault Gregg for that characterization because, if you look at the stats, Gregg isn’t the only one in the bullpen with better than average stats. Maybe it’s just timing because if, the numbers are okay, why does the bullpen get a bad rap?  Why do they make Cubs fans, nervous?  Gregg did have a bad night. Really, it was just the 1 pitch.

Yes, I’m being facetious with Epstein’s remark, and Kevin Gregg wasn’t there when, Epstein made this characterization.

For the moment, as a Cubs fan, I’m feeling a little frustrated, disgusted, and tired. I will check in later, as Saturday’s game now progresses to the 11th inning.

Schierholtz, and Borbon placed two very nice, strategic bunts down in the 11th on both sides of an HR by, Soriano. 5-3 Cubs in to the bottom of the 11th.

It isn’t easy. The Cubs bullpen will have to get 3 outs before giving up any more than a run in the bottom of the 11th.

Marmol’s gone, Jackson didn’t start, and for the most part, the bullpen is still wreaking havoc on Cubs fans’ fragile nerves.

Going back in the game to Samardzija’s exit with 7 innings of work credited, it was time for the bullpen to take over the pitching. James Russell worked 1 of those innings allowing 3 hits but, left without surrendering an earned run.

Villanueva actually picked up the win. Blake Parker picked up his first save, and a redemption following his performance, in Friday’s contest where Seattle picked up a win in 10.

More on Saturday’s win column entry from the Cubs Home on the web.


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