Back In The Seattle Again

The Cubs bullpen tried to reach expectations but, failed on Sunday. Much as the bullpen tried to give the game back to Seattle, they didn’t.

For most teams, a 7-3 lead going in to the 8th would be enough. The Cubs are different, and there is no ‘comfortable’ lead.

Shawn Camp only needed to come out of the pen for a little over an inning to relinquish as many runs as Jackson did over 6. It was 7-3, and just like that, the 6 Cubs Dubs on the day were about to be eradicated by, the Cubs bullpen, giving up 3 more runs.  Would there be another?

With mistakes in place by, the bullpen they, couldn’t quite live up to the reputation that precedes them. They held Seattle back.

Jackson looked okay, still missing some spots. I am highly critical of Jackson’s work but, it’s not just Jackson. It’s all pitchers like him who, will sacrifice control, and command in favor of throwing hard. They, many times over throw the ball, sometimes in the dirt, and sometimes not meaning to, up high outside the extremes of the plate.

Developing a repertoire of variable speeds could help the ‘heater’ pitchers with location. You don’t give up the heat. You just play with it, a little bit.

The final was, 7-6 Cubs, highlighted by, 6 Cubs dubs. All the details on the Official Cubs Website.

A note from Saturday. Ryan Sweeney is on the DL for 4-6 weeks with a rib fracture following his collision on Saturday, as the wall ran in to him hustling down a fly ball to CF.



  1. The Cubs can never get on the right track this year. if it’s not scoring runs, then it’s the pitching and vice versa. it’s going to be a very interesting month.


    • They might yet find the right track but, won’t do much. As you say, it’s not just one thing to get on that track. It’s the whole package with consistency. Got to do it all, simultaneously with consistency.


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