The Law of Averages: Take Average, Multiply Average, And You Still Have Average

Theo Epstein is the supposed baseball magician who, can give the Cubs a world championship. This is not an expectation in my lifetime but, possibly in my grand children’s lifetime. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, and it is more realistic to believe that, just possibly due to the moves Epstein makes today, my great grandchildren will witness a Cubs return to the Fall Classic.

Epstein traded Scott Feldman to the Orioles for a couple of average at best pitchers.

Jake Arrieta, and Pedro Strop come from the Os to the Cubs. Arrieta is set to report to Iowa, and Strop to Chicago. Feldman was reported to be quite happy knowing, he was headed for his home city.

Scott Feldman is good, and no matter how many times you multiply average in to the quotient on the other side of the trade, you’re still going to get average. So, the Cubs make a deal, trading good for average.
Steve Clevenger is part of the deal, and will report to Baltimore.

I’m getting the impression, Epstein was not too concerned with who, he might be adding to the current Cubs roster. I also get the impression he was very concerned with the international money, development, and acquisition of international players of which there is a prescribed method for MLB teams to follow.

This international scenario which includes picks, and money was part of the trade. This will hopefully add up, eventually to a Cubs winner. I revert to my great grandchildren as the fan beneficiaries.

Epstein’s focus seems to be everywhere except, Chicago. He’s working on the Minor League system, and obtaining greater status with the whole international development program.

Feldman’s out, the Cubs get Chris Rusin to take Feldman’s start last night, and Rusin promptly emulates the bullpen giving up 6 hits, and 3 ERs in 3 plus innings. Rusin posts an early 8.10 ERA, and gives Epstein numbers he seems to identify with, as a representative of his judgement.

In last night’s game, The Cubs battled back to take a mid-game lead but, as the bullpen progressed, they did what they do best in the later innings. Give up runs, and hits. Last night being no different as the Cubs took a loss to the As, 8-7. Game highlights from the Cubs Official website.

An addendum to this entry is the Cubs – Dodgers trade. 

Carlos Marmol heads to Southern California, and Matt Guerrier will come from the Dodgers to Chicago.  The business of baseball was part of the swap, including cash, and draft picks.


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