Cubs Get A’s On Yesterday’s Report Card

The opportunity was there. I could have watched what I’m told was a pitching gem by, Matt Garza last night. All I had to do was watch but, sleep got the best of me, as the Cubs scored a 3-1 victory over the A’s, and the best I could do was, ZZzzzs. Guess, I’m going to the MLB-tv archives to watch.

Amidst rumors of Garza being on the trading block, all the concentration, and all the effort was present as he limited Oakland to 4 hits, and 1 run over 8 innings.

The Cubs had little run production, as their 12 hits were scattered everywhere throughout the game but, the hits just kept on coming. Those 12 hits translated in to 3 runs, and enough to back up Garza’s pitching performance. The details of the game are on the Cubs Home on the net.

Garza seems to be getting better, and may not have yet, reached the best, he can be. His name should be off the trading table. The problem with that thought is, Theo Epstein, Chief Orchestrator of these activities keeps his head only, in the future with, no regard for today’s team.

Garza may be traded but, for no immediate results for the Cubs in Chicago as, the international bankroll for players, increases, and more future prospects gathered.

I understand the necessity of a strong organization to solidify future success but, it is necessary for someone who is great in the job Epstein tries to fill, to simultaneously strengthen the parent.

While the Cubs get A’s on their report card, Epstein has to go, and spoil it with a ‘C.’



  1. I think they’d be foolish to trade Garza. Epstein’s doing a good job. Soriano’s contract is handcuffing the team. Once he’s dealt, I think they’ll need to get some help in the Outfield and Third.


    • I disagree that Epstein is doing a good job. While doing very well in building the junior organization he has not done enough for the parent club in the immediacy. It’s why I gave him a ‘C’ for now.

      I see the Feldman trade as a much better deal for the Orioles in the immediate future. Long term, it may work out differently as the international bankroll increases. Unfortunately, I may not be around to see the dividends.

      I just wonder if, Soriano has more value on the bench as a ph than, trade value.


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