No Earned Runs At A Loss

Nobody gave up anything except, a passed ball. The Cubs lost, and the A’s didn’t win. At least I can say the A’s didn’t earn the win, nor did the Cubs earn the loss. It just, was.

Matt Guerrier made his Cubs debut in the 7th in yesterday’s 1-0 loss to the A’s. I’m not going to judge him on an inning’s work but, he wasn’t especially impressive. There were two crucial hits allowed by, Guerrier.

With runners on the corners Guerrier sent up a pitch that
Wellington Castillo couldn’t hold on to, and the A’s scored the only run of the game on what was scored as a PB.

Travis Wood posted some very nice numbers through six but would have to hold for another QS allowing 3 hits, and striking out, 5. Wood’s ERA is at the awesome level of 2.69.

Details on yesterday’s game available on the Official MLB Cubs home on the net.


  1. Travis Wood has been unbelievable this year. I love watching him hit as well. I hate the DH!!!



  2. I wasn’t totally blown away by Guerrier either. Travis Wood was amazing as usual.


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