Pirates Scarf Up Win At Wrigley

Friday’s contest between the Cubs, and Pirates was the pits as the Cubs got home to begin a series with the now, best team in baseball.

Swords drawn, the Pirates had pitching master Fracisco Liriano conducting a complete game. All hands were on deck as the Pirates knocked the Cubs 6-2 off the planks at Wrigley.

Jeff Samardzija started, and it just wasn’t a Samardzija day as the Pirates had an early read, and their hooks on him, almost from the beginning.

Samardzija gave up 5 ERs in 6 innings on 9 hits. He walked 5 with only 3 k’s. Not the Samardzija we’re used to seeing.

6-2, Bucs with more from the Cubs Home Page.


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