….And Wash Your Sox, Again For A Clean Sweep

Despite one game of the series being rained out, the Cubs secured the Crosstown Cup from the White Sox back in May. There was a rainout on one of the games in May, and more rain on Monday but, after a delay, the make-up game would be played.

Matt Garza started for the Cubs, and manged well for 7 innings allowing 2 runs, 1 of which was an ER. Garza struck out 6, didn’t walk anybody, and allowed 5 hits. The bullpen did a solid back-up between Russell, and Parker, allowing the Sox nothing across the board.

Seven complete, and a 2-2 ball game but, in the 8th, an explosion from the bench of the visiting North siders.  Already securing the Crosstown Cup, the Cubs added a little insult to injury, scoring 5 times.

Valbuena worked in a decisive ‘Cub dub,’ the Mr. Soriano HR show continued, and Dave Sappelt enjoyed a 4 for 5 day.

Game details at the Cubs Home Page.



  1. Yeah, it was a great game! In many ways, it was a game showcasing the team the Cubs want to be.


  2. After every solid start by Garza I get hopeful that the Cubs will keep him. I know that is unlikely, but when he is healthy he is a really good pitcher.



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