Cubs Fall Prey To Angels

Did not appreciate the all out abuse shown by, the Angels following a 7-2 defeat against the Cubs on Tuesday. Anything but, angelic, they proceeded with a 13-2 victory over the Cubs, Wednesday. There was no mercy shown or, respect given to Cubs starting pitcher, Jeff Samardzija.

Unfortunately, Samardzija was not looking good from the get-go, and the L.A. American League entry took center stage beginning in the 1st inning with two doubles. Without lingering on this game, it would be a very long day for the Cubs.

For me, for some reason it’s been an exhausting week, and I’ve only caught bits, and pieces of some games.

In bed, I had to know what was going on with the Cubs on Thursday night. Using the ‘At Bat’ MLB-tv app which works quite well on my Kindle HD. I watched the game against St. Louis. 

Edwin Jackson started for the Cubs, and did very well, allowing no runs on just 3 hits, no one on board with a free pass, and fanning 5 inside of 7. If he keeps pitching like that, he may just turn in to the multi-million dollar pitcher he’s paid to be.

This is Jackson’s second good start with some variance on his pitches, finding location.  Throwing bait taken hook, line, and sinker by, the opposing bench, there was plenty of heat but, enough variance to upset the Cards hitters’ timing.

The Cubs come up with a 3-0 win with accolades to an improved bullpen though the pen gets credit for 2 walks the relievers combined, allowing no runs, 1 hit, 3 ks.

Anthony Rizzo contributed all 3 RBIs from the bench, while Jackson performed well from the mound.

More details on the 1st of 4 between the Cubs, and Cards on the
Cubs Home Page


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