Winning Wasn’t In The Cards

The Cards put aces to work for a last ditch effort but, the effort resulted in a house of cards falling to the Wrigley turf.

Matt Garza was Chicago’s starting pitcher, yielding 10 hits over 6+ innings. It was not a typical Garza stellar performance but, he held the Cards back giving up just 2 ERs for the 10 hits. Garza had 4 SOs, and 2 walks.

The Cubs led by, as much as 6-1 after 6 but, of course there is the Cubs bullpen. Yes, it’s getting better but, not the best pen, around. The combination of pitchers from the bullpen would make it a little more interesting, as usual. The relievers gave up 2 Rs, 1 ER.

When it was all over, there was no winning in the Cards as the Cubs put the game in the win column, 6-4. More on Saturday’s game from the
Cubs Home Page

I’m still not wanting to see Garza or, Soriano traded. The only exception might be if, the parent club is an immediate beneficiary of one heck of a quality trade.


What do you think?

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