St. Louis Discards Cubs

It was great to see Darwin Barney rip one in to the left field basket, and the Cubs would go ahead in a game that appeared to belong to the Cardinals.

It wasn’t nearly enough as the Cards continued a barrage of 21 hits. Travis Wood was obviously not on his game, trading 3 ERs for 10 hits, going 5+ innings.

Barney’s 3 run, round tripper came in the 6th to give the Cubs a 4-3 lead.

This, unfortunately would just be the beginning as the Cubs committed some costly mental errors on the field, and of course, the Cubs bullpen would be involved. Always ready to make it interesting, the bullpen staff combined for 11 hits, and 7 ERs.

The Cubs had 11 hits which usually doesn’t make for a bad day. The final was 10-6 Cards, and more details are on the Official Cubs Page.

And what about the supposedly improved bullpen? Just as you put some pieces together for more arms, the only one who, has looked really good is, Gregg. However, Gregg is coming apart at the seams. His outing prior to last night, coupled with last night’s have not been good.

It appears Theo Epstein is not too trusting of the stats as, what he brings to the pen in quantity is absent with quality. How about anybody with a consistent 3.00 or under ERA?


What do you think?

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