AAA Iowa No. 1

What do the Chicago Cubs have to look forward to?

For one, their AAA affiliate, Iowa is in 1st place in their division. They aren’t alone as the Memphis Redbirds of the Cardinals organization also have the No. 1 listing in the Pacific Coast League, American Northern Division.

Did I mention these AAA affiliates jointly hold the coveted No. 1 spot in the standings, each with a sub- .500 win-loss record? In case I didn’t mention it, they hold their positions with a .490 w-l percentage. Each with 48 wins, and 50 losses. Does that send some question marks your way?

A quick look at Iowa’s web page gives us their eligible stat leaders beginning with pitching.

We’ve already seen the ERA leader on the club at Wrigley Field. Chris Rusin owns the stat for Iowa with a 3.35 ERA.¬† Rusin’s short visit to the parent club this year, netted an 8.00+ ERA.

As for the best BA of the regulars at Iowa who, have not been brought up to the parent club or, traded we’ve got Brad Nelson at .259. Again, Iowa’s best! One step from Wrigley Field!

Didn’t I hear Theo Epstein commenting about competing in 2014? That’s what was said as he proclaimed no-dice for 2013. With those kind of stats to look forward to, the Cubs Master Magician, must have something else up his sleeve.

He does, doesn’t he?


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