Theo Aches To Trade

Cubs President of Baseball, Theo Epstein seems to regard the trade as a commodity close to his heart.

He has been without for awhile. So, other clubs wanting to add
Matt Garza to their roster may want to make it, last minute to reach Epstein when, Epstein is most vulnerable.

Okay, I can’t prove it based in fact but, that’s the impression I get. Theo’s eager, and in want of a trade.

So eager in fact, he’s trading for the future. Picks, Draft Choices, Money for development. Any offers?

Theo doesn’t seem interested in anything that might assist the Cubs this year or, next.  He’s not trading to impede another club’s climb to the top, this year. 

Conversely it must mean the Cubs would not benefit from a trade in the current year, and quite possibly, next year.

He doesn’t appear to be shopping for the Cubs at the moment. He never has been shopping much for the parent squad, and we continue to wait. Wait some more, and wait again until, Theo has the foundation built.  Once built, there is development time.

At this rate, it will develop at a slower pace without much development to give to the Cubs in 2014, and possibly 2015.

Trade Garza, and we get a choice of two for Chicago from within the organization of development but, they are proven as,  not ready.

We’ve already seen Brooks Raley, and Chris Rusin. One of them will probably fill the roster spot left open. It will not be of assistance to the Cubs or, the players needing further development at the AAA level.

The Cubs, and I speak of the ones in Chicago, need a GM who pays attention to the whole organization not, future development, exclusively.


What do you think?

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