Rockies Roll

The Cubs bench wasn’t quiet by, any stretch of the imagination. They worked in 10 hits while their opponents slapped half as many.

Starlin Castro led the way with a sterling 4 for 5 day. All of those hits translate in to a loss for the Cubs even with one more desperate attempt in the 9th, scoring a run. That run in the 9th was 1 short, and Colorado took it to the winner’s circle.

You can look at stats everywhere but, you’ll see now where RP is vital along with several other stats. Can you cash them in? If you want to use today’s game as an example, look at 4Rs on 5 Hs or, 3Rs on 10 Hs.

Let’s say Cubs got 4 Rs, and the Rockies 3 which was not the case but, let’s say it was. 3 Rs, 5 Hs is better than 4 on 10 except it would squeeze out a win in this case.  

The Cubs just don’t collect the dividends when, they’re there to be gotten.

Edwin Jackson made today’s start, and the game was his to give with a not so great start compared to his last 2 starts. Jackson gave up all 5 Rockies hits, 2 immediate runs in the 1st inning, and was charged with 3 0f the 4 runs given up during his tenure. He struck out 5, and walked 2.  Junior Lake also had a costly throwing error in the 6th, allowing for Jackson’s only unearned run.

The final was 4-3 Rockies with more said on the Cubs Home Page.



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  1. it was really a frustrating game I guess, but I do believe there were a lot of positives. The Cubs aren’t going to win this year, I’m accepting that, but Castro played well, Lake is learning and Rizzo blasted one. But yeah, RISP’s they have to nip that one.


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