Cubs Rotation Is Out Of Rotation

I could probably get sarcastic here but, I won’t. The Cubs starting rotation is no longer in rotation. Simply said, Matt Garza’s been traded to the Texas Rangers.

So, what do the Cubs get in return?

Let’s start with Mike Olt. He is a first baseman by, trade, and used at third. He has been used by, the Rangers in 45 games total from 2011 through now. Why only 45 games? It could be the .216 BA between then, and now. But wait, there’s more. He’s batting .194 this year!

Now, I’m about to get sarcastic because, there’s more. Justin Grimm comes over to join the Cubs organization. Grimm has seen some minor league play in 2013 but, so little, a stat wouldn’t be a qualified stat. In the Majors, with 89 IP, Grimm will fit in nicely with the stats players accumulated by, Theo Epstein. Grimm has a 6.73 ERA.

Theo has gotten quantity for quality. There’s one more. C. J. Edwards who, has made it to class A baseball in the Rangers system. Edwards is a promising pitcher who has pitched 93+ innings with a 1.83 ERA.

If Edwards is able to continue through to AAA maintaining that kind of an ERA he, could be future trade bait. It wouldn’t be right to keep someone with those kind of stats for the parent club. At least not while Theo is at the controls.

Those of you around (hope I am) in about 2016 or, 17 may get to see the Chicago Cubs contend. Until then, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Theo will have to change his ways, be traded or, sent to Iowa before the Chicago Cubs do any contending for a berth in the playoffs, and a subsequent World Series.

Could we trade say, Theo for Jon Daniels of the Rangers?



  1. Thanks. It’s just the way I see it. Sometimes you just have to work from common sense but, stats at least lend some authenticity to the common sense.


  2. Ok, I love your post. I didn’t see it that way through statistics. I’m not much of a stats guy, but you’ve shown me the error of my ways. I think the problem with the Cubs as in all of baseball is not playing these guys who come up. Get them in the game. I hope the trade works out, I really do. Junior Lake has been phenomenal and Starlin has really stepped up his game.


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