Go Jump In The Lake

Junior Lake is a temporary quick fixture with the Cubs. He’s jumped in, feet first without looking back, eager, and so much energy! Lake intends to impress, and he has.

In Lake’s 3rd consistent game with the Cubs, he has batted 9 for 17! Last night’s 4 for 5  performance included his first MLB career HR.

Junior just might force hands at the top to take a jump in the lake, and find someone else for the temporary fixture.

Lake is supposedly only up to cover DL spots on the roster. He keeps playing with this much hustle, and he could become a cornerstone for the Cubs to build on.

Let’s keep watching as he settles in but, if this is the way he does settle in, he could become a team leader, this year! He has been a firecracker, so far.

There’s more good news. Chris Rusin looked pretty good for 5+ innings, last night teaming with ‘The Lake’ for a Cubs 4-2 win over the Diamondbacks.

A little seasoning, and Rusin looks better than he did during his earlier stint this year, with the Cubs. He gave up 2 ERs, 2 Hs, 2 got walking papers but, 4 were caught with strikes.

The bullpen conglomeration tried but, did little harm, allowing no runs, 4 hits, 4 free passes, 3 down on strikes.

There’s more on this game on the Cubs Official Home Page.



  1. This is one of those rare moments. We need Theo to just back off of this guy. Let him go play, baseball. For the Cubs!


  2. Lake is awesome. He’ll stay. I love your title!


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