The Lake Whets My Baseball Appetite

Couldn’t watch the whole game, last night as the Zzzzs got the best of me. Now, I’m glad I didn’t see the game. I turned off MLB-tv At Bat app on my Kindle while the score was tied 1-1.

Had a funny feeling the D-backs had Travis Wood’s number as Martin Prado sent one up, and out to tie it up. Wood appeared to be just a little ‘off’ from his usual game but, I was having my own game, and the ZZzzzs won.

I would have to check things out in the morning. The final was 10-4 Diamondbacks.

Details on last night’s game from, the Cubs MLB Home Page.

Looking at the box this morning, I found myself wondering if, I even still had an appetite for the game. I am, like many Cubs fans tired of waiting for any kind of hint this club can win consistently.

Angry with management for continually ripping the parent squad apart in the name of receiving only ‘maybes’ for the future, with an occasional low to no stat player to show some kind of abstract commitment to the parent.

So, what keeps me here? For the moment, bright spots in the box. One of those bright spots that whets my appetite is watching from the shore as ‘The Lake’ adapts to his MLB career.

He has come to the plate 22 times in the course of 5 games. He’s very aggressive, all over the plate! He’s fanned 5 times. 12 hits have already piled up with 2 of the 12 being HRs. That gives Junior Lake a very early .545 BA.  Last night, Lake got 3 Hs in 5 ABs

He’s not going to do it, himself, and will need a seasoned group around him. A new player like Junior Lake could become a phenom.

There are several other bright spots amongst players that, keep me here but, with Theo Epstein the only consistency is inconsistency. Who knows what player will be there, tomorrow?

Another bright spot? The knowledge that, there will be a non-chaotic, post-Epstein era. Someday.


What do you think?

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