Nate Lake Combo Resist Dback Comeback

It was looking good ……for awhile. In the bag! 6-0 Cubs. However, we’re speaking of our beloved Cubs.

We are well schooled on the Cubs. So why do the expected when, the unexpected makes it more like being on a roller coaster that goes from 100 mph to an immediate stop just where the track ends? That’s just the way it is for Cubs fans!

Why does it appear that Cubs starters are going through a period of not pitching up to expectations?

Samardzija was the Cubs starting pitcher last night. His numbers indicate a less than Samardzija game. 3 of the 4 runs pegged as his responsibility were ERs. he gave up 6 Hs. Struck out 5 but, walked 5 in 5+ innings.

Long story short. The Cubs had a 6-0 lead in to the 5th.

Kevin Gregg came out of the all-to-famous Cubs bullpen, served up 3 hits to the Arizona competitors, and finally a 9th inning pitch for a sac fly by, Cody Ross to tie it up, sending it in to overtime. Gregg seems as though he’s lost some of that sharpness he had when he first came over to the Cubs. Just an observation.

Junior Lake had another good, energetic night, 2 for 5.

It was Nate Schierholtz who, seemed to put the frosting on the cake with a 3 run HR earlier but, put the finishing touches on the victory in the 12th with an RBI Cub Dub for his 3rd hit of the night!

David DeJesus is back off the DL, and played CF last night putting up 2 Hs on the boards.

The final in 12, 7-6 Cubs with more details on the Cubs MLB home.


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