Cubs Boss Needs To Say, Sori

The Cubs had an important meeting to attend, and the entire team wanted to be at the meeting. Possibly a distraction to the game that followed. None the less, they were all there to say good-bye to one of the most popular players on the team. Well liked by, his team mates, and very well liked by, the fans. However, Theo Epstein, the President of Baseball traded Alfonso Soriano to the Yankees, and that’s that.

By the way, I think the Cubs focus was off in their 3-1 loss to Arizona, Thursday. More details on the Cubs Home Page.

It seems that Epstein is not here to appease fans with popular decisions. He has to make decisions to benefit the entire organization. Sometimes they’re not going to be popular.

A self serving ‘Committed’ campaign was enacted to assure fans, the FO is on the same page we are. Theo shouldn’t have to sell himself to the fans, like that. The parent club’s success on the field will sell Theo Epstein to the fans.

Theo says he’s trying to build an organization but, that organization includes all the minor league affiliates, and nothing for Cubs fans to become excited about. We’re suppose to sit around, and wait for some of these players to develop. Then we’re suppose to have a Cubs dynasty. Theo has said the Cubs will contend in 2014. With who, how exactly?

Junior Lake’s addition to the Cubs is working out better than expected, and Epstein is responsible for obtaining several others, including Anthony Rizzo. Not all of Epstein’s regime gets poor marks.

Take a look at the numbers. Stats are everything. They tell you the story of what’s coming. Look at the numbers for as long term as possible as they speak to consistency.

I hate to revert back to the 1960s, again but, that’s what I remember best as a kid. Where’s the Ted Williams of this organization? The Willie Mays, the Mickey Mantle, Henry Aaron, Bob Gibson, or Sandy Koufax? There’s what dynasties were built on. Dynasties were not built on consistent
.250 – .275 BAs or 4.00, 5.00, and more ERAs.

Who did the Cubs get from the Yankees for an older, power hitter who hustles with the rest? Did they get someone who has powerful numbers to propel the team forward? No. Typical Theo. Corey Black who by, stats is an average prospect pitcher who, had a 3.00+ ERA last year, and working with a 4.00+ ERA this year, and all of it in class A ball.

So, let’s get this straight. The Yankees get an instant long ball artist for today’s line-up, right now, and the Cubs get Black with no idea whether he’ll have good numbers, later. We do know he’s got average stats, today though,

For me, an ERA above 3.50 brings questions. The Cubs also will pay some cash on Soriano’s contract to the Yankees. The Yanks get a dh, and mentor for developing players when the Soriano hustle is done.

Look at the most promising prospects in the entire Cubs organization. Check them out on the respective Minor League Club home page available on the Cubs Connections page of this blog.

Why did I want to keep Soriano on the Cubs?

Supposedly, Epstein is building an organization of young, developing players. Mentors are important, and Soriano would have fulfilled a coaching role in the future as so many players look up to Soriano.

He’s still producing, and still hustling. He adds punch to the line-up. He could have been that emergency go-to guy on the bench in 2014 for PH or DH in inter-league play, while mentoring young Cubs.

I didn’t want a trade because, Epstein has proven he doesn’t get full value from a trade.

Epstein had to try to sell himself to the fans via the Committed campaign but, his actions continue to speak for him. I think as another fan put it, ‘he won’t have to tell us, he’s committed or, sell that notion to the fans because we’ll tell him when he’s become ‘committed.’



What do you think?

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