Hawk Gawk

It has been a long time since of I’ve been to a professional baseball game. I really do miss the whole atmosphere in the respective park, the fans, the cheering, and jeering, the players, and the competition. For the first time in quite a few years, I may get that chance.

My last time at a pro ball game was when, I lived in Las Vegas in the 1980s, and part of the 90s. We got a minor league team who were then known as the Las Vegas Stars. Today, they’re the 51s. Get it? Area 51. Stars was a better name. Beside the point, anyway.

I’ll be going to Boise on Tuesday to catch a flight to California, on Wednesday. The Cubs short season class A club, Boise Hawks are at home, and just maybe I’ll get to go Tuesday night. I can get a look at the Cubs no. 1 draft pick Kris Bryant, and some other potentials.

While I’ve got to go to California to assist with a family situation, I’m thinking if, and I have to check it, the Dodgers are at home, I could bring up a few great memories from a long time ago regardless of the opponent.

Angels? Not so much unless, Yankees, Rangers or, Orioles are in town. Chance to see former Cubs, Scott Feldman, Alfonso Soriano, Matt Garza.


What do you think?

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