Too Much Brew

Cubs timing got a little messed up with Milwaukee at Wrigley Field, and I’m on a road trip of sorts to California, myself.  So, I’ve got some scattered thoughts but, if you want to know more, I’ve included the right connections for you to read more…..if, you must.

The Cubs found a groove with 3 wins over the Giants then, pffftt. A twin spin with Milwaukee, yesterday. 2 losses on the boards. No, it was just part of a bad dream I had.  Then, I woke up.  Dreams aside, the Cubs really did lose a pair, yesterday.

I made it to Boise, yesterday but, the family schedule did not permit a Hawk gawk.  Oh, well, it’s just how it worked out. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get up to Boise, again with nothing but, Hawks baseball on the schedule. I mean, really. Boise is only a couple of hours drive from home.

As for the Cubs well, the groove they had in San Francisco might be a good idea as they get a chance with the Brewers one more time at Wrigley in this 4 game series, tonight. Get in the groove, and prevent a 4 game sweep. Ouch!

Anyway if, you want the gruesome details of yesterday’s games, you can check it all out on the Cubs Home Page. Game 1 & 2.


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