Cubs Reign Supreme Over Possible Brewer Sweep

The Milwaukee club had the brooms out of the closet with great expectations of a sweep. The Cubs had other plans for the Brewers, and a Brewers sweep was not in the plans. A little insult to injury, so to speak, and the Cubs prevailed adding a 55 minute Chicago rain delay to the mix.

Edwin Jackson seems to be a changed man from the beginning of the season. Jackson allowed 1 ER, on 8 Hs through 8 IP last night as the Cubs starting pitcher with 4 SO, and I am extremely impressed with no free passes granted.

Anthony Rizzo led the Chicago bench with an HR, and a Cub Dub. Starlin Castro accounted for another HR, and the Cubs had 6 Rs on 8 Hs. Good run production! Milwaukee, on the other hand had 1 more hit than the Cubs but, 5 less runs to show for it.

…..And now I have whet your appetite for even more details of this great win for the Cubs. So, I’ll not keep you here, and instead offer some details from the
Cubs MLB Home Page.


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