Blue Blood

I am in very dangerous territory but, don’t worry. I have endured the humor, and the laughs. I’m going to be okay. What was I thinking?

Vacation time gathered, and being spent with family in Los Angeles. But, not when the Dodgers are visiting Wrigley Field, and subsequently sweeping the Cubs at home. Four long grueling games.

I have been pointed at as an oddity sporting my Cubs t-shirt, and cap on the streets of a suburb of L.A. There has been outright laughter thrown in my direction. The Dodgers go to Wrigley, and empty the broom closet. And yet, with every play, the blue bleeds. Not Dodger blue, Cubbies Blue.

Don’t care. I can endure this package of embarrassment. Only 4 games out of the entire season. I just happened to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time. The Dodgers have left Wrigley, and everything will subside. Wrong thought. Didn’t quite understand the enthusiasm for blue in L.A. It’s been 15 years since my last visit.

Just imagine, if you will, a dedication to blue in L.A. somewhat like in Chicago. The only difference; The blue is, Dodger Blue, here.

I don’t think it’s very nice that, my Cubs shirt is hung up, upside down. The entire family has these grins on their faces.

The Blue Bleed continues……….


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  1. Wear it with pride!


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