Cubs Philly Buster In Ninth

I was on my own road trip to L.A., with my Cubs cap & shirt with a mistaken belief the only blue is Cubs blue, I was awakened to the fact that it looked funny to most people. In L.A. there’s only one blue, and it is not Cubbie Blue. Didn’t wear out my welcome.

Cleaned the shirt, and it ended up, hung upside down. I was made very aware during my stay, the chore of sweeping Wrigley Field would be the blue from L.A. Not my choice of domains for the moment but, the cap & shirt stayed on most of the trip. I took the abuse. Not well but, I did take it.

Otherwise, everything went well, and Wednesday was a whole new ball game where a late inning 2-2 ball game in Philadelphia looked as though it would go the extra. However, Donnie Murphy coming up from Iowa slammed his 2nd HR of the night, sending runs across, and the Cubs won, 5-2 with 3 in the 9th.

There are more details to read on the Cubs Home Page, including Dioner Navarro’s play at home to resist an earlier Phillies run. Don’t know if his effort gained him a spot on the DL as we wait for the final word.

Thursday wasn’t such a good day No, I take that back. I don’t want to understate this. Phillies were probably not too pleased with the victory by, the Cubs in the previous game.

So, we have another game under the loops. The Phillies over exerted themselves today with a 12-1 victory, and the details come from the Cubs Home On The Net, if, you are a ‘detailest.’

Cubs move on to St. Louis for 3.


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