Cubs Holding All The Cards

The Cubs are decked out for some sweeping, today. Edwin Jackson gets called front, and center for pitching duties as the Cards try to salvage 1 of the 3 games. As of late, Jackson has looked good, and hopefully it continues with this outing.

The Cubs arrived in St. Louis for the 1st of 3 on Friday, and held on for the 3-0 win.  Saturday’s game had the Cubs exploding in the 8th for 3 runs, solidifying a 6-5 win.

The 3-0 shutout performance by, Chris Rusin is highlighted on the
Cubs Home Page
.  Last night’s 6-5 come from behind details also from the Cubs Home Page.

There have been a few DL entrants while I continue to get to 100% following my own road trip to Southern California. Maybe not the reason but, a reason for me spending less time blogging.

Looks like Junior Lake has found a home with the Cubs. He is maintaining a better than .300 BA at this level.  I’ve often said, a spark plug on the bench is what this club has needed.  He just might be the spark plug I’ve been talking about.

As more AAA players move up, I just might have to eat a few words I’ve thrown at Theo Epstein. Jury’s still out but, if he doesn’t have to eat his words regarding a 2014 contender, I’ll be glad to eat mine with a smile on my face.


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  1. I still think the Cubs are headed in the right direction. Lake’s been awesome and I really think they should focus more of the rest of the season developing these players for next year and not try to play spoiler for the other teams.


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