QS Loss To Cincinnati

After an 8-4 loss in the last of the 3 game series in St. Louis, the Cubs showed up at home to begin a series with Cincinnati, and Travis Wood threw the first 8 for a quality start, yielding just 4 hits, and 2 ERs.

If the bench behind that quality start only gets 6 scattered hits, it may not be enough, and it wasn’t. None of those 6 hits would be cashed in, and the Cubs were shutout 2-0.

The top 3 Cubs in the batting order each got 1 hit for their 4 ABs, Barney had 1 hit, and Murphy went 2 for 3.

Details from yesterday’s game on the Cubs home page.

What we’ve seen so far of Lake, and Murphy, the Cubs just might be…….(insert imagination.) The question might then be, when? It takes an entire team to win a game.

On another note, I didn’t act fast enough with Boise only a little over an hour away, I haven’t gotten to a Boise Hawks game. I may still go, this season but, I won’t be seeing the Cubs no. 1 draft pick, Kris Bryant.

The short season A club lost Bryant as he moved up to class A Daytona after exhibiting a Boise 15 game hitting streak, and a .354 BA.


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  1. I like how they’re moving up Bryant. I’ve never been a fan of the snail pacing that baseball does with their picks.


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