I Batted In A 4-4 Tie

I was up, and batting. This whole thing might be left to me, and I couldn’t complete the mission.

My eye lids batted, and shut for the night. The game was entangled in a 4-4 tie. I had pleasant dreams of the Cubs pulling it out, little did I know these were only the dreams of eye-lids batting shut.

This morning I found myself waking up back in to reality with the Cubs on the sour side of an 11 inning affair with Cincinnati. Since I didn’t watch much of the game, I’m going to give it to you straight from the
Cubs Home Page.

Note the box score. Lake went 0 for 5. That’s going to happen, sometimes to the very best of hitters. The question about Lake might be, was it adrenaline during the first few games with the Cubs or, is it everybody’s going to have a night off? When we get the season totals we’ll see if, he’s a .300 hitter or, not.

Same situation for today’s 5-0 Reds win. Didn’t get to watch while I was at work so, without anything more, the details are better left said on the official Cubs MLB Home Page.


What do you think?

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